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Grain, Pellets and Cubes



 Our grain is primarily  manufactured by Star Milling Company in Perris, CA. Star Milling Company  manufactures nutritious, high-quality animal feed that is sold through  feed stores in the western United States. Products are sold under the  brand names Ace Hi, Integrity, Star, Ultimate Show Feed, and Ultra Balance.
We  also carry a variety of feeds for your Horses, Cows, Goats, Sheep, Pigs,  Chickens and Turkeys, Small and Wild Birds, Pot Bellied Pigs, Dogs, Cats  and Rabbits. If you don't see what you're looking for, let us know and we will get it for you. 


Pellets and Cubes

 We stock a large variety of Star Milling brand hay replacement pellets in standard and 1/4" sizes in 50 lb. bags.
Sacate Thorough Bread, Standard Bread, and Bermuda Blend available in 80 lb. bags.



  We carry hay from all over the great state  of California. We usually have a variety of Alfalfa, Bermuda, Orchard  Grass, Oat Hay, Forage and Straw. In the feed store we sell these by the bale and they vary in price by weight and quality. If you are looking to buy in larger quantities, we also sell whole and half loads. 


  If you feed orchard grass you already know how hard it can be to consistently find quality orchard in Southern California. We have a longstanding relationship with a grower in Northern California, each summer we purchase the entire 1st cutting of top quality orchard grass and store it throughout the year. That means you can count on us to have the same, consistent product for you all  year long.   


 C. L. Smith Wholesale Hay Co. has provided  top quality hay to dairy and horse farms in the San Jacinto and San Joaquin Valleys since 1989. For information on whole, half and single dump loads please call the office at (951) 654-1974 

Price List

Alfalfa - 16.99

Fine stem,

Approx. 104lb bales.

Alfalfa - 20.99

Fine-to-medium stem, approx. 127lb bales.

Bermuda - 15.99

Medium cuts of fine grass blade.

Forage - 16.99

A high quality blend of beardless barley, wheat, and oats.

Orchard #1 - 26.99

High quality first cutting orchard grass.

Orchard/Alfalfa Mix - 22.99

A blend of orchard grass and alfalfa hay. 

Timothy - 26.99

High quality first cutting timothy grass.

Teff - 17.99

Premium cut of Teff with minimal stem and fine grass blade.
 Lower protein & sugar content than alfalfa with enough nutrition for a straight feed.  Excellent choice for donkeys, or horses on a lower protein diet. 

Pricing and availability subject to change without notice.

Come by and see us!

In addition to our hays available for delivery, we always have a rotating stock
of competitively priced alfalfa and grass for pick-up in the yard.
Stop by to see what's in stock.

Prices, weights, and availability subject to change without notice.